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Why does my Shower and Bath tub Drain slowly?

From our past experience shower and bathtubs drain slowly because there is an accumulation of soap and hair built-up in your drain. Take a look inside of your drain and see if there is any hair in it, often you can reach in and pull out the blockage either with your fingers or tweezers. If you cannot locate the clog and pull it out try plunging the drain. Prior to plunging make sure there is enough water in the bathtub to cover the bottom of the plunger and put it over the drain. Push down 5-10 times and the pressure to the drain should open up the pipe. Once the plunger is lifted water should drain quickly, if it does not work repeat the same process. Our next suggestion would be to use a snake drain. In a bathtub and shower drain you need to feed the snake down through the over flow plate opening. Began feeding the snake 3 feet into the opening this should break up the clog and eventually make its way through. If you are attempting to unclog the blockage and are having a hard time contact us at Alchemy Plumbing and we will send an expert to diagnose the problem.

What do your Drain and Sewer Cleaning services include?

At Alchemy Plumbing our Drain and Sewer Cleaning services include fixing clogged drains, cleaning sewer and drains and much more!.

Should I be concerned if my toilet is running?

A running toilet is a big concern. Not only is it a nuisance to listen to but it is a waste of water and money. Toilets that leak can add almost $100 a year to your water bills.

What causes water to become discoloured?

Water appears to be discoloured because of a rusty iron pipe. This occurs when rust dissolves into the water turning it a shade of brown, orange, and sometimes yellow. The cause of the issue can either be a problem with a pipe in your home or the city’s water main system.

What causes a drain to clog?

There are numerous reasons a drain can clog. When your kitchen sink is clogged usually that stems from the buildup from greases, soaps and food particles. A bathroom sink drain can clog from hair, toothpaste and soaps, as well as the bathtub and shower drains. Also your toilet drains can get overwhelmed with the amount of toilet paper being used. We suggests no flushing, napkins, paper towels, floss, hair, medicine, diapers, and feminine products down your toilet.

A clogged drain what are some signs I can look for?

Being aware of the possibility of a clogged drain early on will cause you less stress and money. We suggest looking to see if your toilet water bubbles when the sink is running. Also beware if the water in your sink begins to backup and if water begins to drain slowly from your bathtub and sink. If you try to flush your toilet and the water level in the bowl is not the same as before that usually is another sign of a clogged drain. Another reason to be suspicious of a clogged drain is the releasing of a nasty odour equivalent to the smell of rotting food.